Sunday, July 13, 2008

Potholes - how deep?

No driver could easily escape these potholes (right in the middle of the road) outside Millennium Towers in Sanpada. How deep do you think these potholes are? Are there potholes in your city? Are the authorities as careless?


  1. Oh yes. We have them too. Some city governments make them a priority, others do not. Some can be very damaging to your wheel alignment! In winter, I could take a picture that looks exactly like that.

  2. How tall I am I am thinking now-a-days...
    ha ha ha
    "Honesty is the best policy" somewhere we read but rarely saw in practical life...
    May be potholes is one of the best examples of dishonesty towards citizen.

  3. I feel actually the muncipal authority or PWD department should concretise the roads but they go for coal tar roads which gets pothole during monsoon. Moreever if they concretise these roads how will these government officials will get commision every year from contractors :) .


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