Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cool Deal

Yes, Krrish was splashing rain water and jumping around too, with no one to scold him. It was a deal between us. He loves splashing in rain water. So, the deal was that he would not splash water around while walking to school, so his uniform, shoes and socks are clean. In return, I would take him out on every rainy afternoon after school and lunch, to have fun, followed by a hot water Dettol bath and afternoon nap of two hours.


  1. I love the candid moment you captured in this picture. Children everywhere love to play with water, don't they? This picture reminds me of my childhood - I loved doing this after the rain.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. good deal! everybody is happy!

  3. lol at the hot water dettol bath

    Children will be children. I wonder what the fascination is with water...yet they hate taking baths! LOL.

  4. good photo.... It reminds me my childhood.........

  5. So nice of you...
    Krrish, nai nai kiya ?


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