Monday, May 26, 2008

Fresh Sugarcane Juice

This is the new attraction for Sanpada residents in the evening hours, when most people are out in the market, and the others returning home.
A glass of fresh and sweet sugarcane juice, extracted in a unique way manually (no use of motor). It is an interesting sight for passerbys. The cart is portable, and is parked at different spots throughout the day, for better business.


  1. Hello, what lovely photos! The pictures fascinate me, as I have never been to India but have several friends who are from there. Please feel free to visit my blog, , in which a few friends and I chronicle the funny and mysterious things we hear passersby say around us.

  2. human power! had seen this first in deolali.

  3. Interesting photos. I had no idea sugar cane juice was used as a drink.

  4. hi !!!
    Nice pictures.
    Best Wishes !

  5. I have never tasted sugar cane juice. I've tasted the sugar cane syrup that they use with rhum in the French Caribbeans. I'm you this option is better for your head. ;)


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