Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Young Entrepreneurs

Haresh and his younger brother Dinesh, along with their elder brother sell beautifully carved wooden pictures on the road near Crawford Market. The one he is holding is of Radha-Krishna. I asked him the price of the large village scene, and he said it was for Rs. 2200. When I revealed to him that I would put this picture on the internet, and that readers would buy his pictures if they liked the price, he quickly added that the best price for the large one would be Rs. 1000.
Smart indeed!


  1. Very nice picture and interesting tale. Tell him that Abraham Lincoln who lives in Brookville, Ohio USA saw his pictures. They are very nice pictures and remind me of the time that I used to go out to art shows and offer my canvas oil paintings for sale. Wow. That was a long time ago.

  2. they're great posers =)

    i'm coming to Goa, Baga this weekend for 2 weeks, looking forward to it, any tips/suggestions are welcome.

  3. I think it's difficult to send them abroad but they are naives and I like them. So you can tell him that from Europe someone appreciated its paint (and I'm sure I'm not alone)

  4. what a lovely art pieces!
    Do you think he's the artist? he's too young no?

  5. I wish them a huge success in the sale of these wonderful carvings.

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments. I'll surely convey your feelings and messages to the two boys when I visit Crawford Market again. I love to photograph people and their way of living.


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