Thursday, February 22, 2007


The stalls in the area near Crawford Market sell goods at wholesale prices. This seller of plastic goods quotes a high price, and bargaining is necessary to get a good deal. The man on the right is selling tablemats in a variety of colours. The goods offered are of the best quality. I usually check prices at local supermarkets, and then come here and bargain to get a deal at about 20 to 30% lower than the supermarket.

This is in contrast to the other shop-keepers who sell goods at a fixed price. Buy best quality plastic goods, decorations, table linen, bed linen, hosiery, toys, baby stuff, electrical goods, fancy lamps, office and school stationery, bags, digital cameras, dress material, sarees and textiles and a whole lot of goods at wholesale prices here. The key to shopping here is 'EXPLORE'.


  1. love shopping at markets like this! another familiar view :)

  2. Hi,

    I've just been reading your blog and found it most enjoyable and very entertaining. You've taken some lovely photos of the city and some very touching ones of the poorer side of life.

    I'm based in Bristol in the UK and have never seen India. I always imagined Mumbai to be mainly full of slums and beggars so it was a welcome surprise to see it has so many lovely areas and buildings.

    Thank you for sharing it :)


  3. I love your photos because you show how your people live and what they do. That's great :)
    Keep' on doing!

  4. I love shopping in markets too, but you really need stamina to spend a day here. There's more to Mumbai than the slums and poverty. The malls, restaurants, movie theatres, it's all here and growing, and I'll take you to those places too.

  5. It is really nice to read your blogs. It is really revealing the wholeale business out there. The photo reminds me of the saturday market out here in uk.
    Nice blog.
    uk wholesalers directory


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