Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nehru Planetarium

The Nehru Planetarium, commissioned on 3rd March, 1977 has grown into a Centre for scientific study of astronomy and for meeting of scientists and scholars for discussions and lectures, arranged periodically on various stellar and Astronomical events.
Special arrangements are made to watch, study and photograph Solar & Lunar eclipses, and many such other events. Telescopes are installed outside the Planetarium to enable eager visitors to watch these phenomena.
The Planetarium is currently running the 31st sky theatre programme "AWESOME UNIVERSE" .


  1. This one I could perhaps think as Planetarium :)
    What is this warm yellow material in both Nehru`s buildings?
    I have still Saturday here. It is not so cold any more -15 C, this is not bad :)

  2. The Nehru Planetarium and Nehru Science Centre are in the same complex. If you turn your back towards the planetarium, you will face the science centre. The two photos were taken a while before sunset, so the pale yellow look. The two structures are white in colour.

  3. Hi Anu, thanks for visiting Sydney Daily Snap. Enjoyed discovering your blog and was very impressed by your Ladies Only story in the train. In Australia there are no crowds and it is difficult to imagine such pressure at peak times.

  4. Interesting architecture. Is this typical to India?

  5. I'll find out about the architecture and let you know.


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