Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nehru Science Centre

Nehru Science Centre is India's largest interactive science centre. More than 50 hands-on and interactive science exhibits on energy,sound, kinematics, mechanics, transport, etc. are installed in the science park.
Nehru Science Centre is visited by over 600,000 people every year who experience and enjoy the basic principles and marvels of science & technology.Situated on Dr. E. Moses Road, Mumbai - 400018, in between Worli Naka and Mahalaxmi Railway Station, it is spread over 14 acres of land.

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  1. I have read about this Centre, but never seen a photo about it.
    I could never guess from this building, what is it:)
    It looks so pure and beautiful. And also warm outside :)
    Thank you for your comment on my site, but -30 degrees is not nice to be here, perhaps March, when Sun can warm a little, if in the morning a temperature is -25 C, in the afternoon it is in sunshine about -10 C, it could be better time :)Welcome!

  2. Oh my God, -30 degrees is too cold. In Mumbai, it's about 28 degrees. And pleasant now. After such a warm winter ;-)

  3. +28 degrees start to be too much to me :) When we have 28 - not very often- I want to be on the lake,
    where I can swim in a cool water every hour. Last summer we had
    even +30 degrees, everyone was saying: Oh, how hot it is now, too hot.
    But you are right, -30 is too cold, but as you saw from my site, we must
    get ready for it.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. Hi Anu!
    that's a cool building, if you ask me what i would like to see of your city... I'd like to see the main street.... it would be great!

  5. What a beautiful building! Your residents of your town are very fortunate to have such a wonderful science center.

  6. HI Anu.
    I like this post, it is informative and the photo is nice too. I like the contrast between the white architecture and the palm trees.


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