Friday, February 13, 2015

Skywatch Friday 2015 - 7 : Trip To Elephanta Island - 2 # Seagulls & Speedboats

As we moved away from the fast fading Gateway of India, we could see seagulls flying around us and some sitting on some floating foam-like material and enjoying the high tide. We also saw quite a few speedboats zooming past us in the wintry haze. All cameras were out and hardly anyone was seen seated in their places
We were now looking forward to see some ships and rigs in the sea.

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  1. Though I have spent fifteen months, back and forth to California, out of the last three years, I still haven't made it to Elephanta. I return to Mumbai in May so, perhaps, I will get there then. My post this week was of a northern California sunset.


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