Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Our World Tuesday # 14 Merwans Cake Shop

Merwans Cake Shop near Andheri station, is an inseperable part of our world and we find excuses to visit this bakery and celebrate. Once you open that door, the aromas of cakes, muffins and savouries will surround you and you cannot leave without trying a few of the delicacies.

It is one of the best, the oldest and the pocket-friendliest bakeries in the city.
Exotic cakes and pastries that will melt in your mouth, cookies, croissants, chocolates, rolls, puffs, desserts, icecream, fruit smoothies....are all irresistible and pretty inexpensive, with no compromise in taste and quality. There is a special eggless section upstairs, if you are a vegetarian.
 Some of the speciality cakes, pastries and savouries you must try are mawa cake, almond cake, pineapple cake, dutch truffle, chocolate crackle, lemon crackle... to mention a few. To buy the special Christmas cake in this season, you may have to stand in queue.
The veg.mini pizzas, chicken garlic roll, chicken cheese roll, veg. manchurian pattice, paneer roll, veg. and non-veg puffs are also very popular.
There are three small cafe tables with seating, but insufficient for the huge crowd inside. Most of the very popular stuff - like mawa cakes and almond cakes are sold out in a couple of hours after arrivng on the shelf.

Merwans is an awesome cake shop, insanely popular and amazing value for money. It is Krrish and my favourite hangout on most weekends when we visit Andheri. I will share photos of few of the delicacies here next week, if they allow me to photograph, or click the cakes and puffs I buy for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all friends and readers of 'Our World Tuesday'.
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  1. It sounds like a great shop, now I'm hungry again. Merry Christmas!

  2. I just ate breakfast, but your post is making me hungry again!! :-) That little boy seems to be testing Santa to see how many of the goodies that he has snacked on.Merry Christmas..

    1. Thanks Karen for your visit. That little boy is my son Krrish, who does the Mumbai Weekend Snapshot on this blog. Do come back on Sunday to see his Mumbai photo and read his mind.

  3. Wish that your Christmas was great. Have a nice start of 2015 too.

  4. Thanks all for your valuable comments and visit. Merwans at Andheri is a must visit if you come to Mumbai.


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