Wednesday, November 05, 2008

ABC Wednesday - 'P' fo PLAZA


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Plaza is one of the few old movie theaters of Mumbai, located in Dadar West. It was damaged during the 1993 bomb blasts/riots. It has now re-opened and remains one of the few theatres in Mumbai that show Marathi movies albeit almost as a Matinee show, and regular shows of Hindi movies


  1. Most of our cinema here close it business due to new morden cineplex with super sound system and confortable seat.We nly watch Hindi movie on our pay TV cannel.
    By the way Thank for sharing movie in Mumbai.

  2. Yes, UncleAwang, it's the same here too. Due to taxation policies of the state government, it is profitable to run multiplexes in the city. A few theatres like Plaza, Regal and Metro are surviving independently and manage to get decent busuness.

  3. indeed a popular landmark of dadar!

  4. The frieze looks very interesting!

  5. That is a very colourful cinema building.
    Here ours all look so nondescript.

    Bear((( )))

  6. My goodness, that's elaborate decoration! I love to see artwork on old cinemas, they can be very beautiful. These days, English cinemas are very boring to look at.

  7. the decorations i suppose are part of your heritage - that's what makes the building so attractive


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