Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Photohunters Theme: SCARY

This is another spooky and scary scene of the trees at Juhu beach. I didn't realise it till I saw the photo on my computer.
I see spooky figures formed by the branches of these trees. Do you see them too? or is my imagination running wild?


  1. The trees are strange but with that bright water - it's just beautiful. Unless, of course it's full moon and the figures are gathering for...
    I leave it to your imagination.

  2. It sure is spooky. And I really liked your connect with the theme.

    Happy Diwali! :-)

  3. your photos are awesome,please join us at new photo memes

  4. Oh no, you are right, I can see spooky figures too! The tree looks frightening but great!

  5. What a great picture for scary! VERY NICE! I love it! Spooky!

  6. I do see the spooky figures. Great shot for the theme.

  7. It's a beautiful scene - but you're right about those trees!


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