Thursday, September 04, 2008

Take Off

My attempt to capture a sky photo for Friday made me click all the way on my journey from Andheri to Navi Mumbai by train. I wanted a photo without all the cables.
These photos were taken near Santacruz and I captured this airplane take off.

I waited till my train reached Khar station, from where it moves up over the flyover and approaches  Bandra station. I finally got my Skywatch Friday photo over the flyover minus the cables.


  1. i actually like the cables in the sky; they give you a view of the world in grid form

  2. Those wires and cables have ruined many a good picture! I see above that you finally did get your shot.

  3. Utility lines!! What would we do without them, but what can we do with them? Some of ours are buried--less unsightly that way.


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