Saturday, August 02, 2008

Peacock Gate Design

This gate at the entrance of a building in Sanpada has a very beautiful design.
The peacock design for the theme 'Metal' was a part of this gate. I cropped it, and made it black & white for the theme photo.
Maybe it's old fashioned, but I love the pattern. I have posted a similar photo of the same gate in May here.


  1. C'est vraiment une belle grille ! Et la porte est imposante. Qu'est-ce que "building in Sampada" ? (what use ?)

  2. I can understand your love for the pattern. It is beautifully done. I remember on my last visit to Mumbai, I had crossed Sanpada while going to Nerul. The whole compartment of the ladies train was laughing at me and my mom for pronouncing 'Sanpada' with an English twist. Your post reminded me of the fun... :-)

  3. Melanie, it's the entrance gate of a complex (group of buildings). I'll show you the complex tomorrrow.

  4. Very nice...
    And the way the two pictures are placed on blog it seems that you had clicked this picture behind those grills.
    Too Good...
    Claps for you Anu.

  5. Hi, is your Peacock Gate your Skywatch photo?
    if so please could you mention SW please, as I see you have the side bar.

    If so - I think its a great shot and sets the photo off.


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