Monday, June 23, 2008


This squirrel gorging on a tomato was an irresistible sight at the garden in Vile Parle, and I simply had to bring my camera out. I visited this garden with a pond (with boating facility), a mini aquarium and a few birds and animals with my sister, mom and our kids, just before the monsoon. It wasn't easy taking this photograph, for an amateur like me. It simply wouldn't stay in one place. Just as I would want to click the photograph, it was on the other side of the cage. And then I focussed on the tomato instead, and got it when it came for a big bite of the tomato.


  1. You can see the eye and that is very important when taking pictures of animals or birds. The eye is the one thing we humans look at when we talk to each other or when we look at a wild animal and if you can't see it in a photograph then it doesn't have as much appeal because our minds are somewhat confused about where to look.

    You did the right thing in focusing on the tomato and wait till the squirrel came back to eat. I do the same thing except I am watching a tree or a feeder where an extra place to perch is at so those two places are favorite places for me to watch when I want to take a picture like you did.

    I would say you did a great job in the photograph you took and thanks for inviting me over to see it.

    And thanks too for your visits to my blogs and for your comments there.

    Better Blog Writing

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  3. good capture, nevertheless!

    good to see you in action...
    welcome back!

  4. Wow! I had no idea that squirrels would eat tomatoe's! :)
    wishing you a beautiful week!


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