Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sherbaug Flowers 2

I dont know which flowers these are, but they are a rare variety for sure. I've seen them for the first time and simply loved them.


  1. Nice picture, spring is lovely with all the flowers.

  2. Your plant is Brugsmansia or Angle Trumpet. I have in my yard and it blooms all year around. In the evening the fragrance is very nice. But be ware, the plant is piousness

  3. Yes, Angel's Trumpet and a very nice photo.

  4. Yes you're beautiful capture is of a Brugmansia~(Angel's Trumpet)~They are very fragrant~I hope you got a whiff of their intoxicating perfume! They usually open after dark and remain open until the sun hits them the next morning! They hail from South America. They are in the Solanaceae family ~the same family as teh tomatoe, potatoes & petunias but they are toxic!!
    A gorgeous plant & capture!!

  5. Thank you for identifying the flowers and the details too.
    Yes, I did enjoy the smell, but with my 2 1/2 year old Krrish asleep in my arms, and the small flight of steps ahead, all that I could think of was to capture the flowers in my camera before I move ahead with the group.


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