Thursday, July 19, 2007

Book Fair

The book fair is right opposite the Center One mall and has a wide variety of books at great prices.
I picked up a good number of children books for Krrish and my 3 year old niece Anshi.


  1. Have they got the latest Harry Potter there? Despite the hype we picked one up cheaply in our local store without any need to queue

  2. i love this kind of bargains too!

    i have actually bought so many cooks that i have yet to read from the previous book sale! haha..

  3. where are all the harry potter fans?

  4. Yes the latest Harry Potter is here. I too didn't see any queues at any book shop here for the latest Harry Potter.
    At this book fair there is a steady flow of book lovers all day.
    I saw a huge crowd on Saturday at Odyssey the book, cd and toy shop at the Palm Beach Galleria.


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