Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another Garland Vendor

I saw this 'Mausi' sitting quiet behind the ST bus stand at Dadar, busy making flower garlands (gajras). I took her photo from a waiting bus I got into, to go home. This is a common sight in Mumbai, and she will easily finish selling all of them before going home in the evening.
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  1. My goodness... She must be a hard working. My heart goes out to these dear folks.

    My PAD and
    Guelph Daily Photo

  2. Good for her. A woman with some determination and a desire to earn some money. I wish some of our folks in this country had as much spunk.

    I like your photograph of this lady. It is a simple scene that most people overlook in their daily struggle. I am glad you captured it for us.

    Abraham Lincoln
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