Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekend In Black & White : 13 # Vashigaon Subway

This is the new subway on the Sion Panvel highway near Vashi village (Vashi gaon). Still under construction and not officially open, we decided to cross the highway from this subway below. 
The subway connects Vashi gaon to the fishermen village area, near the old Shiv temple all the way to Sagar Vihar, where I clicked my best sunset so far.

This is when I convinced hubby and Krrish to come along for a photography adventure in the interior and unexplored areas of Vashi, and thats how I got my last month's theme photo of the fishing boats in the sea, near the fishermen village.

Hubby and Krrish were tired of wandering in the sun, and hungry too. See how they were making funny actions and gestures in the subway so that I stop clicking or get a funny photo in the end.


  1. That's a fine photo! Families can be so impatient... ;)

  2. A great post for the b&w theme!
    My post at:

  3. Sounds like a good family outing, so what if others got a bit tired :D

    1. Nicola: Thanks. The silhoutted people standing in the subway are my hubby and my son Krrish.

      Mridula: Hubby wasn't sure if it would be safe for me to wander alone in the village, so we planned a sort of family adventure. And I treated them to their favourite lunch at a restaurant in Vashi.

      HansHB: thanks

      Dragonstar: thanks, but it wasn't their fault. It was over 2 hours in the sun, and I would never have enough of photos, so they tried their best to hurry me, by finally leading the way

      Sreedhar Bhattaram: thank you

      Uppal ma'am: thanks, it was truly effort rewarded, as I got many interesting photos. And Krrish enjoyed so much that the next visit was not nearby but Elephanta Island.

      Amrit Sinha: thanks a lot

  4. Fantastic picture, I really love the light and the silhouetted people.

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